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What is steel fixing?

Still fixing work involves following engineering drawings that detail the type of bar and the spacing used and setting out the work. The reinforcing bars are tied together with wire, which is cut using nips, or electric rebar tiers. Steel fixers are also responsible for attaching ‘spacers’ and ‘chairs’ that determine the amount of concrete cover. […]


Slipforming techniques can bring time and cost savings, while retaining the high quality standards required in today’s market place, to projects such as service cores, towers, silos and bridge piers. Delta Foundation utilises this system as it is one of the fastest methods of constructing vertical structures resulting in a rise of 7 – 8m […]

Concrete drainage

As a specialist in forming concrete for driveways, patios and similar structures exposed to the weather, we are often asked questions about drainage. The basics of drainage are simple – water will tend to find its way from higher to lower elevations. Making sure it does so effectively can be a lot more complicated. It’s an […]